Friday, July 1, 2016  08:08 AM
Editorial: Hillary Clinton and the Battle of Benghazi

 My goodness, how can Hillary Clinton suggest that we simply 'Move On" from the Benghazi scandal. She's completely remorseless regarding her part in the sad affair. Do we really want a President who not only makes such monumental errors in judgement during military crises, and then compounds the scandal by attempting to politically whitewash her mistakes? Bill Clinton did exactly the same thing during the Monica Lewinski scandal in which he was impeached for lying to Congress. There is a pattern of misconduct by the Clintons.

The Libyan Embassy was under the purview of the State Department, and at the time, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. She was the point person, and along with Obama and the regional military commander, among the very small group of officials most responsible for leading our response to the attack.

American's serving our nation needlessly died during the battle of Benghazi. Hillary Clinton should have insured that the embassy staff had better security before the attack. Hillary Clinton should have taken charge of the American response during the attack and made sure that nearby FAST forces stationed in Rota were deployed, and that military aircraft flew over the conflict. Hillary Clinton, having made the mistakes which she did during the conflict, should have communicated a factual account of the incident to the American people. Hillary Clinton should have taken responsibility for the disastrous failure.

You can read the entire report here:

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